A Good Chance is a workforce development program that provides free food & beverage safety and service training to at-risk youth and young adults and assists them with finding job opportunities within the food & beverage industry.

The mission of A Good Chance is to simply give young people a good chance at employment and life. We call our program participants "Good Chancers". Many of our Good Chancers are unemployed young people between the ages of 18-24 who lack employable skills and reside in high crime and poverty-stricken communities. A Good Chance gives Good Chancers a chance to learn food safety and service skills, obtain a ServSafe® Food Handlers certificate, gain interview skills, and earn an income while working at food & beverage events produced by For Goodness Sake and its partners. 

If you are a food or beverage manufacturer, hotel or restaurant that would like to partner with A Good Chance by providing employment opportunities to our Good Chancers or partnering with us by sponsoring an event which directly benefits A Good Chance, please send us an email by clicking the link below:  

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